What’s this Balans thing?

Tankesmedjan Balans — Balance think tank — is a Swedish non-profit think tank explaining and discussing the many pitfalls of New Public Management from workers’ perspective.

Balance was founded in 2017 by Marcus Larsson and Åsa Plesner. Between them, they have 30 years of experience as teacher, school administrator, local-level politician and union representative.

We’re independent and crowdfunded by public sector employees through small donations. Most of our work is unpaid, fuelled by the sheer joy of picking apart budgets and educating our peers about how they harm our health and safety at work.

On this site, you’ll find reports, blog posts and links to our media appearances. If your Swedish is rusty, you can auto-translate the site by selecting your language in the sidebar widget ”Auto-translate site” –>

9 out of 10 local governments underfinance their public services

Read a one-page summary of the report where we studied all municipal budgets in Sweden: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1DMvf9hFNj6eTTRxsBkUV_xBj8W8jpjINgQRXIf88PVY/edit


Get in touch with us by email: asa@tankesmedjanbalans.se